2019 (1)

Adding routes to Strava and then to Garmin devices

I’ve spoken to a couple of people who want to add routes to their Garmin devices but the path isn’t as straight forward as you’d imagine it should/can be.Exporting routes from mapometerI do a lot of runs with a local group near us called “Beloved Lon

2018 (1)

A journey worth taking

This post has been moved to here from https://beeming.net/uncategorized/2018/5/a-journey-worth-taking.What's in this post?The post is going to go over the last 10 years (7 in more detail) and how I applied a little self control (eventually) and have

2016 (1)

Making a Cake Day

Today I decided to record a presentation I did recently. It will be posted soon but in the meantime here's something else . While I was busy recording my wife (Tiani) decided that her and the kids would make a cake. It was as usual one of the best ca



Gordon Beeming started running in November 2016, since then he has done a couple of road races from 5km through to marathons and even sometimes going a bit more than that. He enjoys doing Triathlons and you'll sometimes see him out at those events as well.

Although not the fastest swimmer, cyclist or runner, the Ultimate goal is to do crazy things.

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